"In the past when I saw a Diabetic patient's mediciation list I felt overwhelmed. The Medication: The Missing Piece course is wonderful and so helpful. The detailed, Health at Every Size-informed content is engaging and has me feeling empowered. I am actively incorporating medication management into my counseling sessions. It has also helped me feel more trusting and condifent in my interactions with other healthcare providers when discussing patient care. Really appreciate all the hard work! "

Amelia Foley MPH, RDN Washington DC

Medications: The Missing Piece In Weight Neutral Diabetes Care course will bring diabetes medication conversations to life, with tools and techniques that Megan has found to be successful.

Build your confidence and abilities to navigate medication options, client struggles with adherence, and provider inertia.

The added layer of a weight-neutral approach reduces stigmas in this client-centered conversation.

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"Congratulations on another terrific education piece." Janice Baker, M.B.A., R.D., CDE, CNSC, BC-ADM

This virtual retreat provides nine learning modules that follow the best selling book, The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating: Professional Edition. Each module is broken down into small interactive segments, which will transform the eating experience. Woven into each module is a Mindful Movement and meditation element. 

"This course was completing engaging!"


Clients with diabetes often express fears of weight shifting and weight gain. Discover how to these challenging conversations by promoting size acceptance and exploring size diversity. Explore enjoyable movement for health, well being, and blood sugar control without encouraging unsustainable behavioral changes for your clients with elevated blood sugar! This accelerated program will have you practice the Motivational Interviewing micro-skills and shows you how to incorporate a non-diet, patient-centered approach to diabetes care.

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"Eileen Rivera Ley is an amazing teacher, using her personal experience to provide practical ways I can help my blind and low vision clients"


This mini-course for healthcare providers is taught by accessibility ambassador Eileen Rivera Ley.

Get simple and practical ways healthcare providers can take to facilitate and effect telehealth visits with patients who have visual disabilities.

Discover five things to make telehealth visits more graceful and accessible for their blind and low vision patients.