Have you ever considered 
  • The financial and human cost of diabetes?
  • Why is diabetes, as a chronic condition, so challenging to manage?
  • How is diabetes linked to other issues like weight stigma, medical poverty, racism, politics, food policies, and social determinants of health? 
  • How have societal norms, weight-centered training, and research bias shaped and influenced your views?

Is a continuing education company created because you want answers to these questions. The IDC offers professional development for the diabetes industry, corporations, departments, and individuals interested in addressing the Social Determinants of Health, SDoH. 

Why? The American Diabetes Association identified healthy inequity, specifically understanding of social and environmental factors of diabetes, accounts for 50 to 60 percent of health outcomes., Keep in mind that diabetes is our nation's most expensive chronic condition., The estimated cost for diabetes care is $327 billion, representing $237 billion annually in direct medical costs and another $90 billion in reduced productivity. To help make these staggering numbers more understandable, $1 out of every $4 in U.S. health care costs is spent on caring for people with diabetes.

Passion led us here is what the image says

The Role of Inclusion

Using an inclusive lens, the IDC program can help us reduce the human and financial cost of diabetes. We can do this without blaming individuals with elevated blood sugar. We can do this without adding to the stigma already associated with diabetes. 

An inclusive view reveals the forgotten truth that oppression and racism are separate from poverty. Our research-based program explains why solutions and conversations which do not consider the historical, intergenerational, persistent-institutional, and personal trauma of racism and intersecting forms of gender, sex, and size oppression are ineffective. Layered into the growing research about SDoH and diabetes is the understanding that sustainable change isn’t possible without community and trust. 

Until the healthcare industry has taken systemic steps to address oppression, distrust in diabetes care, treatments, and education will continue to grow.

What is the Solution?

The IDC Certificate program uses a layered learning approach to rebuild trust and explore the roots of oppression. These five tracks begin with Inclusive Diabetes Care. Inclusion forms the vision of the organization. Exploring the concept of inclusion helps shift a person’s identity to the felt sense of belonging to a racially diverse group that stands in solidarity supporting all bodies impacted or at risk of diabetes.  


The Health Equity in Diabetes Care track creates this program's goal while helping uncover the hidden barriers faced by individuals with or at risk of diabetes. Humanizing the need for ease begins to unlink the many rights denied by people with diabetes and elevated blood sugar. Helping clients experience a felt sense of ease and sustainability is the next step in this five-track program. 


Understanding Trauma helps clients experience the felt sense of being seen and heard. This track begins to untangle the impact of historical, intergenerational, persistent-institutional, and personal trauma of racism and intersecting forms of gender, sex, and size oppression on health.


The Counseling track shifts diabetes care from knowledge to connection, helping professionals deepen their non-judgmental, inclusive communication skills. This complex task is practiced with multiple layers of support, including coaching, Motivational Interviewing practice sessions, and small group discussions over the 11-month program. The Counseling track goal is to humanize the knowledge-driven educational sessions to offer a patient-centered therapeutic experience. 


The final track strengthens the prevention, identification, reduction, and treatment of disordered eating and coping. It is accomplished by offering a Disordered Eating and Coping track, which includes understanding the interdependent role of the individual and the community. Completing this final track fosters the client and professional in identifying and engaging in a felt sense of kind/wholesome self-care.

a white person's handout with a rainbow and a heart drawn on it to represent inclusion
Honesty, Trust and Respect are the words hung on a clothes line

The IDC certificate provides

CPE for Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Mental Health Workers, Community Health Workers, and Dietitians when they attend our

  • 3 half-day live workshops that examine specific issues through the lens of inclusion. 
  • Live monthly professional coaching focuses on understanding inclusion, health equity, trauma-informed care, counseling, and disordered eating and coping. 
  • Live Motivational Interviewing practice sessions that bring your questions into practice
  • Live peer connection grows your support and community resources
  • Self-paced learning of our previously recorded program
  • A diverse private, supportive community

Previous workshops include: 

These live sessions are recorded to provide participants with additional self-paced learning opportunities. 

Connection, Community and Commitment are the words above

What to expect when you enroll in the IDC certificate

The IDC certificate program is an 11-month program with January and June enrollment. 

When you enroll in the IDC Certificate program, you commit to attending our 4-hour welcome conference on January 17 from 12-4 pm ET.

In this workshop, you will meet your coaches, set your personal and professional goals for the program, and connect with members of your learning pod. 

Additional ways you can move out of your work silos include:

  • Monthly Peer Connection & Bi-monthly Community Check-in
  • Community Resource Library

The IDC Effective

The IDC certificate program provides more than information; it builds community and nourishes our human potential while creating future DEI leaders.  

  • “I recognize the importance of patients being seen and heard as a vital part of their healthcare."
  • "... healthcare, in general, has a lot of white fragility and is stuck in weight-centric ways."
  • " This group is super helpful in providing language, understanding, and insight that can be applied in healthcare. "
  • “The coaching calls are resonating and encouraging me to keep moving forward.”
  • “The platform is a great space.”

For the diabetes industry, the IDC Certificate creates vision, insight, and the language of inclusion. Your company and departments will thrive because the IDC provides a comprehensive approach to inclusion by offering a systematic way to understand society's historical, intergenerational, persistent-institutional, and personal trauma of racism and intersecting forms of gender, sex, and size oppression are ineffective.

You will benefit personally because the IDC Certificate has created a way to move you out of the traditional healthcare silo and into a community where you can learn from each other—recognizing that your well-being is tied to connection.

As Ram Dass said, “We're all just walking each other home ."

The IDC Certificate program provides the connections to discover what works in diabetes care. 


The IDC pilot program costs $998 for over 32 CPE for Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Mental Health Workers, Community Health Workers, and Dietitians. 

  • The program provides 12 CPE from the workshops
  • 10 CPE from live professional DEI coaching
  • 10 CPE from live Motivational Interviewing practice sessions
  • Self-paced training CPE.

This is a fantastic value! No other program provides connection, community, and a comprehensive approach to inclusion training!

How to enroll in the IDC certificate program

  • Join the waiting list to ensure you are part of the following 300 people to enroll
  • If cost is a concern, apply to the scholarship program. The IDC provides $25,000 in full and partial scholarships each enrollment cycle.
  • Contact the IDC to learn about our group discount program. 

Hurry! Don't Miss This

  • This final cohort is limited to 300 people. Join the waiting list to ensure you are part of the January program!
  • Our $25,000 in full and partial scholarships run out fast. Remember to apply to the scholarship program.
  • Feel free to Contact the IDC to learn about our corporate, and department discount program.