For Non-IDC members

This 5-hours live training on

Trauma-Informed Care

is your chance to understand:

  • How trauma is defined
  • Learn about the different types of trauma - personal, environmental, community, and generational
  • Explore the purpose of a trauma-informed approach.
  • Identify four key assumptions of a trauma-informed approach? 
  • Understand and apply the six principles of implementing a trauma-informed approach 
  • Explore how trauma impacts health, self-care, and health equity. 
  • Understand trauma in the context of your community 
  • How does trauma Intersect with our ability to communicate, develop, engage in self-assessment, what is the research and impact of trauma on race, gender, social determinates of health?
  • How can you effectively assess disrupting inadequate systems to improve patient outcomes and experiences?
  • What is the role of identifying and strengthening resilience in addressing trauma-informed care?

What to expect?

This program will be offered as a one-day virtual training in April 2022.

5-hours of Continuing Professionals Education, CPE will be obtained from the Commission of Dietetic Registration, CDR.

The recorded program will be available for IDC members.

This course is included in your IDC membership!


Non-IDC membership Option

5-hour deep dive into Trauma-Informed Care for DIabetes

Here is your chance to enroll in this stand-alone 5-hour live trauma-informed care training specifically for diabetes.