Anny Ha, MS, RD, CEDRD, CDE; Nicole Napientek, MPH, RDN; Carolyn Fisher PhD, BCB

Anny Ha


Nicole Napientek


Carolyn Fisher


Level 2: Nutritional and psychological treatment of disordered eating and diabetes: a 6-week eating class

This presentation will provide a theoretical and practical overview of Satter’s eating competence model as a promising weight neutral intervention for individuals with diabetes and disordered eating. Eating competence describes being positive, comfortable, and flexible with eating, in addition to being reliable about getting enough to eat. Its core treatment components include promoting a positive attitude about food, food acceptance skills, internal regulation skills, and food contextual skills. We will offer practical tools and strategies for how to apply elements of the eating competence model in the complex clinical arena of treating individuals with diabetes and comorbid disordered eating. We will also introduce specific clinical interventions that our team has piloted, which utilize components of the eating competence model for patients with loss of control eating and comorbid diabetes.

Speaker Bio

Carolyn Fisher, Phd

Dr. Carolyn Fisher is a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic. She did her pre-doctoral internship at the Ann Arbor VA, obtained her doctorate in health psychology from the University of Cincinnati, and did a 2-year fellowship in health psychology at the Cleveland Clinic. She is interested in the relationship between eating disorders and diabetes, and is working on developing more tailored programs for this patient population.

Nicole Napientek, MPH, RDN

Nicole Napientek MPH, RDN received her Master’s degree from Loma Linda University and works as a registered dietitian at Desert Regional Medical Center’s Comprehensive Cancer Center in Palm Springs, California. She is on the Weight Neutrality in Oncology Task Force. She is an Associate with the Ellyn Satter Institute and counsels clients in private practice using the Eating Competence model.


Anny Ha is a registered dietitian, eating disorder specialist and certified diabetes educator at the Cleveland Clinic Diabetes Center.  She is passionate about integrating psychosocial interventions to support people in restoring a balanced relationship with food and eating.  She has a special interest in designing programs to target disordered eating for people living with diabetes.