Julie M. Sweeney, RSSW, MTC

Level 2: Diagnosis and Shame

Julie M. Sweeney


This talk will help you work with clients who are struggling to process their diagnosis, whether it is new or not. Bringing clients to a weight neutral approach through reframing, encouraging and empowering them will give you the ability to guide clients in a more focused manner. Learning to use language that supports the clients separate from their diagnosis so that they retain their full identity and continue to or start to believe in their own autonomy, will be a focus of this session.

Speaker Bio

JULIE SWEENEY is a client-centered, solution-focused counselor who specializes in supporting women in finding freedom for themselves. Julie offers openness, honesty, and a willingness to be part of your journey in a way best suited to your needs.

Through a HAES-based lens aimed at helping clients feel less alone in their struggles with body image, Julie offers women the opportunity to develop new skills and ways of thinking. Outside of her specialty with body image and self-esteem, she also

works with clients experiencing anxiety, focusing on self-care and changing negative coping habits. Julie works with clients one-on-one, in workshops, and in groups – both in person and online.

Julie enjoys helping people become aware, gain insight, and move into action to create lasting change. You would be a fit for her work if you’re interested in the change process and taking action toward making space for new energy in your life.