Lori Short-Zamudio, RD

Level 3: A Weight Neutral Way to Work with Medications and Potential Side-effects by

Lori Short-Zamudio


In this presentation we will walk through the discussions that can take place when deciding which medications our clients are choosing to take as well as any “side-effects” (read weight fluctuations) that they might be experiencing through a weight-neutral lens.  The onset of Type 1 diabetes is one that can lead to dramatic weight loss followed by rapid regain once insulin is initiated.  Conversely those with Type 2 diabetes are often told to lose weight first before they are offered medications to bring down over all glycemic control.  We need to be able to bring the bodies of our clients into the room with everything that they already carry from diet culture and discuss how they are experiencing their bodies with diabetes and if this is impacting them taking their medications as prescribed.

Speaker Bio

Lori is a Registered Dietitian in the province of Ontario, Canada.  Since completing her dietetic internship in 2006 Lori has worked in the areas of eating disorders, GI and Type 1 diabetes with the last several years practicing from a non-diet, HAES approach.  Presently Lori is full time faculty at Humber College in Toronto, ON where she teaches her nutrition classes from a non-diet view.  Lori sees clients in person or virtually in her private practice and blogs at unapologeticallymerd.com. You can hear Lori soon on her podcast with fellow non-diet dietitian Kori Kostka called the Nourished Circle.